Fresh new blog

Fresh new blog

Photo by Sushobhan Badhai on Unsplash

Originally, I brought and setup this domain in 2008. Over the years I've update and tweaked the website. With work being more involved and my role changing from a developer to a product manager, I was spending less time keeping on top of my own personal code.

I figured getting an email that my domain host would be dropping support for the old PHP version this blog was written in, that I should upgrade the whole website.

Fresh new SSL certs, latest version of Symfony, even plugging in the Unsplash API, and giving me a change to refresh my AdSense integration too.

I'll have more posts and updates to come soon. First, I need to get the basics setup and in place!

Looking forward to sharing more with you.

Alister Sneddon - January 19, 2020, updated January 19, 2020