Elite Dangerous - space trucking

Every so often a game will come along that feeds my need to relax and forget about day to day life. I often find these games are the complete opposite of what I would expect. Games will depth but a fantastic surface layer of repetition.

Alister Sneddon - February 7, 2020, updated February 7, 2020

Skyrim - what it means to be replayable

There is no other game that I have put more hours, across more platforms, or brought more times than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Before Skyrim I had multiple playthroughs and kept coming back to Oblivion, but why has Skyrim gripped me for so many years in ways other RPGs haven't?

Alister Sneddon - February 6, 2020, updated February 7, 2020

Dark Souls - teaching moving on

The original Dark Souls is a masterpiece in my eyes. The phrase "beatify is in the eye of the beholder" has never been so perfect. The game has aged, it has horrible performance, it's unforgiving, and then makes you do it all again.

Alister Sneddon - February 5, 2020, updated February 7, 2020

Fresh new blog

After a few years it's time to update the old blog and give it a new lick of paint.

Alister Sneddon - January 19, 2020, updated January 19, 2020

Who are you KIIDding?

Today I ran into an interesting situation which reminded me why we set out on this journey to help DIY investors, like myself, research and understand investments.

Alister Sneddon - October 18, 2019, updated January 20, 2020