Alister Sneddon - Programmer Curriculum Vitae

Born 9th of August 1991 (27 years old), proud British Citizen.

Interests / Background

With a strong background in web development from the age of 10, I have trained and instructed myself in a range of programming and coding languages.

Enjoys playing rugby, playing/testing computer games and my own personal websites development, also an interest literature as well as an ex drummer and sprinter.

Independent and passionate about all of my work, regardless of the task, role or description I aim to get the job finished and completed.

"Alister was fundamental in the development and the on-line presence of over the past years. Alister moved e-tradecounter through 2 upgrades, numerous site changes and enhancements with his coding being thorough and his attention to detail of the highest level. It will be a shame to see him leave us but hope to be able to work with him again in the future."

Thermo Products - Director


Pass Year Qualification Notes
2012 MCTS Web Certification Trained, no exam taken.
2008 BTEC National Diploma IT & Business Level 3 - A level equivalent.
2006 GCSE's English, English Lit', Maths, Physics, Geography, Chemistry, History, Computer Studies

Work Experience

Interactive Investor Ltd PHP Programmer 14th Oct 2013 - Current

  • Developed a share dealing stock trading platform.
  • Built on top of Zend framework.
  • Running on AWS EC2 Amazon Linux servers.
  • Worked with 3rd party suppliers of data e.g. Xanite, MorningStar, Finex and MDG.
  • PHPUnit tests and test suites.
  • Made full use of the complete Atlassian suite.

I worked as part of a team with 8 other developers. The work was set by business priority and scored by the developers. We worked in an agile environment with two week sprint cycles.

A side from the main share dealing platform I worked on white label projects and other code bases. Examples of the other code bases include the product comparison/best buys on MoneyWise.

Sporting Nation Ltd Senior PHP Programmer 27th Dec 2012 - 8th Oct 2013

  • Developing a new social experience around sport and healthy living.
  • Built on top of the Elgg framework.
  • Running on AWS making full use of the auto scaling groups.
  • Used Jira to aid in project management and sprint planning.
  • Worked with Ubuntu EC2 servers.

My role was to manage the developers as well as working on the core code base. Myself and the CTO would plan project sprints, as well as maintaining a bug free development environment, with the help of Jira ticketing system.

I was always involved with the integration of AWS resources into our code base. Such examples include SQS and SES to handle to emails.

The main website is a social sporting cloud solution for schools and grassroots alike.

Specsavers PHP Programmer/Senior Support 9th May 2012 - 26th Oct 2012

  • Maintained, installed and supported over 360 AU and NZ Linux (Red Hat) servers.
  • Developed an inhouse micro site to tie together the tools used by the service desk.
  • Created a more open interface to the SOAP API used by the ticketing system.
  • Created a responsive input web application so over 360 different JSON requests could be processed at once.
  • Worked mostly with Red Hat, MySQL, PHP and Oracle.
  • Created web interfaces for the financial teams to make modifications to the Oracle database, made in PHP, HTML5 and using jQuery for table effects.
  • Created a new SVN Red Hat server purely for code development and produced manuals for the programmers.
  • Senior Level 2 Support for all IT issues was the highest level of Australian/New Zealand support available.
  • As well as servers and stores we supported application software such as Compiere.
  • Also support the lab and manufacturing software/servers.

My role at Specsavers was spilt between developing applications to reduce man-hours and supporting all applications. The support role required me to support all application software, servers and documentation. We were not responsible for the internal networking/infrastructure.

The development role saw me having purpose build servers commissioned and new sites developed for specialist requirements.

A range of my developments where shared with other divisions of Specsavers.

O&C Marketing PHP Programmer 16th Jan 2012 - 4th May 2012

  • Part of a team of three PHP Programmers.
  • Had custom clients alongside the development of the core package.
  • Involved in all stages of a client's life cycle, design and support
  • Core package was an e-commerce and stock management system based off 1.7 CodeIngiter with Smarty templates.
  • 3rd April awarded certificate for speed of development and client relations.
  • Used ORM for our classes, this meant more use of static functions to remove any database interaction outside of the class.
  • Heavy use of SVN and multiple branches during development.
  • Used jQuery along with a range of plugins to create an almost entirely AJAX seamless experience for the stock system.
  • Designed and recreated MySQL databases to handle large data sets (13 million customers being sent via an API.)
  • Used different APIs such as Facebook, MYOB and eBay.
  • Assisted with the VM creation on our Linux servers (Ubuntu.)
  • Worked with caching technologies both server and client side using HTML5.
  • Personally Implemented a bug and project tracking tool to aid all team members.

The heavy involvement with clients ensured we were transparent with our development. Due to the structure of the company it was vitally important to ensure time estimates where predicted from an early stage.

It was an extremely high pressure environment with different levels of clients joining each week. Every client would have a programmer assigned as their client manager. The role was spilt between managing clients and developing new code.

Thermo Products Web Programmer/Marketing Lead 20th Oct 2008 - 11th Nov 2011

  • Worked with two different e-commerce systems.
    • ASPDOTNETStoreFront – C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL and IIS.
    • Kryptronic – PHP, MySQL and Linux Ubuntu.
  • Agile software development pattern alongside the primary stakeholders.
  • Early 2010 sent on C# Programmer Course (MCTS Certification.)
  • Attended ASPDOTNETStorefront Conference and master class in Las Vegas in 2011.
  • Implanted the Shutle API as well as Google AdWords and Fraud Protection.
  • Performed version upgrades, ad hoc development, server management, adding payment gateways, enhancing security, managing the marketing budget and API implantation.
  • Started a new company selling large chunks of our custom code for ASPDOTNETStorefront as well as server hosting and marketing solutions.
  • Mid 2011 I was offered part directorship.

My first role at Thermo Products was focused around the LAMP e-commerce site and the marketing strategy. The primary role quickly switched as the marketing became more automated. My focus was then fully on developing the ASP.NET e-commerce platform.

I had to not only understand the products to assist with the sales but also a firm understanding of emerging technologies which could be leveraged.

Multiple upgrades, redesigns, API implementations and server migrations later I was offer a permanent placement on the board of directors.

Freelance Web Programmer 2005 - 20th Oct 2008

  • Large projects scope ranging from front end code adjustments to website CMS implementation.
  • Developed personal projects such as text based online multiplayer games.
    • Created an ad supported multiplayer game.
    • Created my own forum system to integrate with my developments.
    • Designed my own blogging platform.
    • Basic Facebook applications as well as integration.
    • Part of the MySpace application Beta – resulted in early release of my applications.
  • PHP focused, earlier work was created without the aid of frameworks.
  • Developed API driven applications such as stock bidding games
  • Currently using CodeIngiter framework for new projects and development.

Earlier freelance work was mostly design and content focused. I slowly made the change to programming in a LAMP environment over time.

General freelance work was normally small projects or aiding start-up companies. An amount of freelance work was self-driven as well as being self-funded. My love for games and programming meant I was often driven to create my own text based online game from scratch.

Any self-projects which were too complex would result in multiple applications, each developed around the more complex issues.

Doctor's Tonic Bar Staff/Web Programmer 2006 - 20th Oct 2008

  • Started as a glass collector, was promoted to waiting staff and ended up maintaining the website.
  • Noted by the regional manager for hard work and dedication.
  • Trained new members of staff and aided the recruitment process for any prospect employees.
  • Offered a full time position for when I finished college which intensions of assisting the regional manager.

My work at the Doctor’s Tonic was noted multiple times for dedication and going above and beyond. The primary role was maintaining the bar during peak hours. This would range from ensuring a stocked bar, the availability of glasses to assisting with any other members of staff.

Due to my passion for technology I was put in charge of the more technical aspects of the website. This involved content publishing and design changes.

NovaLogic Remote Beta Tester 2003 - 2004

  • Finding and escalating bugs found during play testing.
  • Team leader duties ranges from sorting reported tickets from your team and creating replication steps for any major issues.
  • Team leader for a small team of ten people.
  • Game was released in June after eight months of testing, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising was received with top reviews.

My work at NovaLogic was remotely performed from home. The work involved ensuring the quality of bug reports where of a good standard. I oversaw a small team and their bug reports. My role was mainly based around re-typing and confirming bug reports.

As the leader of the team I spent less time testing the game and more time documenting possible bugs. This was an unpaid volunteer role.

Work Portfolio

  • E-TradeCounter

    Re-developed the code base as well as multiple re-designs.


  • All Dent

    Designed to allow 24/7 ordering without any human interaction by the company.


  • Thermo Products

    Website redesign as well as maps integration to find suppliers.


  • ERD Timbers

    The company's first steps into e-commerce and stock control.


  • Verve Potential

    Developed to enable the business to reach out to clients via multiple methods.


  • Blue Sky Yoga

    A design ontop of the Wordpress platform for easy client control.


  • Potters QSM

    A technology and design change to improve usability going forward.


  • Corporate Eye

    Developed to be the central point of contact for clients as well as to improve accessibility.


  • Tax Made Easy

    A simple website designed to open the communication with potential clients.


Skills and Technologies

Able to mould to any role quickly with pride and integrity, highly focused and highly involved with strong presentation skills, coupled with the ability to advice and implement new developments or ideas, with justification and careful monitoring.

Strong abilities

Always up to date and building my skills in what I consider my core language.
MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle Database 11g
From simply JavaScript to using different jQuery plugins.
Version 4 strict, HTML5 and DHTML.
Basic site styling to modern CSS3.
Only with C#.
Site Analysis
SEO, PPC, SEM and future development.
Troubleshooting, First Line Support and Second Line Support


Able to setup as well as general day to day usage.
I can use GIT and SVN interchangeably.
RedHat, Amazon Linux and Ubuntu.
The standard structure for modern day scalable websites.
Developed in both 1.7 and 2.1.
Version 1.
Microsoft Office Suite
All products from 2005 to 2012.
Online Marketing
From PPC budgets to marketing strategies.
Client Management
Helping a client through the whole life cycle of their project.
NetBeans and Microsoft Visual Studio
Unit Testing
Able to write PHPUnit tests and run test suites.

Interested In Learning

The structure of Java as well as Android development.

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