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Making Money Of A Minecraft Server - Is It Right?

7th September 2013
By Alister Sneddon

Most of you are aware of the Minecraft server I run. The only problem is the massive cost with running a server.

The big problem with making money of a Minecraft server is how do you do it and is it fair? Now lots of people know how you can do it.

For example I could charge you to have your name a different colour, let you have extra powers in the game. Or maybe you can buy sets of armour and equipment. Another method would be adverts that show up in the chat windows every couple of minutes or so.

The issue is you need a huge user base for that to work, with having that kind of user base you need the money to support it. So basically I need to tip money into making the user base huge so I can monetise them. That people is a fully fledged business strategy, no someone who hops onto their server a few times a week.

Hell I should go to Dragons Den with ideas like that. Really now is it fair to make money off your server? I mean if someone has 10 to burn they could make life hell for everyone else and buy loads of extra tools and protect their homes etc. in short I would be saying to people "Hey for a tenner you can fuck people off." Really that is all people want to do.

The only "fair" and "right" method would be adverts on the server which you charge only the amount required to cover the server. Players could live with it and it is a sound business model. One small problem with that.

Who wants to advertise to Minecraft Server Players? Erm... People with their own Minecraft Servers?

Hell I am looking to put the server back to 8 slots because upgrading was a total waste of my time and money. The only way the game will be fair and just for all is if I put on a whitelist and played papa hitler and told everyone what they can and cant do. Fuck I might as well make bedrock zones between areas and only let you work in a set area, then if you need materials you need to buy them off me. If you want someone to see what you have done you need to buy a guest pass. If you want to take photos and videos you need to pay me royalties. I believe the term for that business model is called the "Steam - Team Fortress Two - We Hate Our Customers Model" is the official trademarked term I believe.

What gets to me is I pour money into the server and then get told by people, people who still live with their mothers, what to do with my server. "Hey why don't we install this mod so I can do this." When I call them a cunt and tell them to read the rules I get the same bullshit, "In my server we do that." WHAT? In YOUR server? Why the fuck are you here? Must be the fucking balls of a server for you to think "I am pouring loads of money into this server, lets look and enjoy someone else's." Unless you are just making total bullshit up which is FAR more likely.

So where do we go, do I manage the server like some nazi on speed and spend my time ensuring it is a safe place for everyone who helps out, or do I go down the current road where the world is slowly destroyed and griefers tell me how to run a server?

Hell I could charge for stuff if there was not so many God damned modders!

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