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Virgin Media Super Hub NAT Type And Slow Internet

2nd August 2013
By Alister Sneddon

So I paid for the 50mb Virgin Media Broadband. Now Virgin Media are very well known for often giving under half of what they say they will. A quick test done just now shows I am getting 26mb during peer hour. In off peer I get 47mb.

The problem with the Virgin Media Super Hub is it comes pre set with all the "helpful" settings already on.

So what is happening? Well your Super Hub is checking everything that you load from the internet against a firewall. Which is you have an anti virus software on your computer and have some level of intelligence is simply un-required. Also your Virgin Media Super Hub will perform filtering of content and restricting types of traffic.

When I first got the Super Hub it was stupidly fast, yet video streaming and buffing was slow as hell. Turns out that issue was also impacting my Xbox Live. The Virgin Media Super Hub will turn your Call Of Duty: Black Ops NAT type to Strict or Moderate. This mean you can only play against players close by (UK only if strict.)

This is also mess with your mic on Xbox Live as well as general use. Personally I want my open NAT type back and all internet traffic to be treated equal.

I don't care if Virgin believe video streaming should be restricted so webpages can load faster. If I am watching a video I am not browsing the internet am I? Also with 50mb that should not matter.

Now I am a big Spotify user and they restricted my traffic on that! Spotify buffing on a PC. UNHEARD OF.

So now How TO Fix It!

First turn your Super Hub on and off. Now login to the ip address they give you on the back of the Super Hub and enter the user name and password.

Now you are taken to a splash page, at the bottom of the nice images under the writing is a link to advance options.

Now on the left on the navigation you should see services.

This will take you to a list of services that are all optional. Let me stress this, none of these are required and it is much much faster without any of these. Untick everything and turn the router off and on again.

Now Xbox Live is will be faster and lag free. Also videos online will be a hell of a lot faster.

Why should you turn off these settings? Well a router is a very basic bit of hardware, even a hub is very basic at it's core. It does not have a lot of processing power. So why have tasks that your powerful computer does being done by something as powerful as a microwave? It doesn't make sense. It also slows your internet down.

Lets hope Virgin Media next time leave the computing power to the computers and stop trying to do what it assumes everyone needs.

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